• 14-MAR-2016

  • SOURCE: adidas

adidas launches a special climacool training tee for kids under the age of 10

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This  Spring  adidas  will  introduce  a  new collection of climacool training tees in various colours, developed specifically for kids under 10 years of age. A joint study with UK’s acclaimed Loughborough University proved that kids of different ages release heat differently. Kids below 10 years rely on all-over body heat loss and hence, require functional sports apparel that  support full air flow during workout.

adidas partnered with prestigious Loughborough University in the United Kingdom to carry out a study on body heat  management  for kids of different ages. While teens and adults tend  to keep their skin cool by evaporating sweat, this is less developed in kids under the  age  of ten.  Kids skin is more reliant on dry heat  loss all over their body, leading to a hotter skin. With a reduced sweat response, they  require full body ventilation  to stay cool and  avoid overheating during a workout.

‘In line with the findings of our study we have developed a new range of training tees specifically for  kids  under  10,  featuring  the   revolutionary   cooling   technology   of  adidas   CLIMA. The innovative  fabric  within  the  climacool  products  acts  like  a  mesh  and  delivers  increased breathability, thus creating a cooling  effect  on the  body areas it covers’- revealed Dr Maarten Hupperets, Director Future Apparel at adidas. Given their higher sweat rates, teens, similarly to adults, are better off wearing climachill, a revolutionary cooling tee that offers a more tailored zone-cooling technology with high ventilation as well as excellent sweat management.

Professor George Havenith,  study lead  at Loughborough University recalls:  ‘Collecting the  data for this study with these great young kids was a really enjoyable experience for all involved. We were really excited  when  we saw the  results  for the  different  age  groups, especially as clear differences in their body temperature regulation showed up, which has now been translated by adidas into specific garment designs for the different age groups.’

With climacool, kids can keep being kids, stay in the game and still keep their cool.

For further information please visit: www.adidas.com/climazone​​