• 10-JAN-2014

  • SOURCE: adidas

adidas miCoach Receives Honors at International CES

adidas miCoach receives honors at International CES
adidas Showcases its Wearable Technology Portfolio at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas

For over 70 years adidas have been creating product innovations to help athletes achieve the impossible. At the 2014 CES in Las Vegas adidas miCoach Smart Run was awarded the CES Innovations Design and Engineering award and was voted winner of Living in Digital Times Battle of the Bands.

miCoach Smart Run is the newest addition to the adidas miCoach family of products. The adidas miCoach platform includes training solutions for everyone from elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts. Innovative wearable sensor technology captures data on metrics including speed, distance, acceleration and heart rate. The miCoach service uses sophisticated algorithms to provide custom solutions to anyone with a fitness or sporting goal. Today millions of consumers access the miCoach website where they can track their data, access thousands of workouts and create personal training plans. In addition, professional teams like The German National Team and Major League Soccer have incorporated the miCoach elite system into their training programs.

miCoach wearable technology is designed to bring new functionality to familiar products that are already being worn for sport. Solutions include:

• miCoach SMART RUN
For runners, the adidas miCoach SMART RUN is the most advanced and intuitive wrist based training device on the market, developed for complete personalisation. For the first time, runners of all abilities will be able to track their runs using GPS mapping, set personalised training schedules and monitor their heart rate whilst listening to their favourite music – all in a single yet simple, touch screen device on their wrist.

• miCoach elite Team System
For elite teams and athletes, the miCoach elite Team System is a state of the art performance monitoring solution that tracks athlete data on-field and relays it to coaches and trainers in real time. An advanced Techfit elite Smart Jersey containing sophisticated sensors is worn by athletes to measure speed, distance, heart rate, acceleration, power and position.

• miCoach Heart Rate Monitor
For athletes who want to add heart rate to their training, the miCoach Heart Rate Monitor measures every beat of your workouts to keep you in the zone. When combined with the miCoach Mobile App it turns your smartphone into your own personal trainer, with real-time voice coaching and tracking features. The monitor snaps into a compatible sports bra or shirt with knit in heart rate sensors for strap free comfort during wear.

• miCoach X_CELL
For athletes who want to improve explosiveness for sports like soccer, basketball and tennis, X_CELL is a new sports monitoring device that measures the forces an athlete generates in competitive games & training scenarios. X_CELL providing unique insights to personal performance thereby enabling athletes to train smarter and get the edge over their opponents.

• miCoach SPEED_CELL
For athletes who want to track speed and distance, the Speed_Cell is a performance training tool that takes key measurements throughout training and competition, allowing athletes to analyse and evaluate their game. It provides athletes with key data such as total distance, high-intensity distance, maximum speed and sprint count.

Simon Drabble, Director miCoach Product Creation commented: "'miCoach is constantly evolving and developing new innovations to help athletes – CES is a great platform for adidas miCoach to showcase its wearable technology developments enabling athletes to track key metrics and get feedback to reach their performance goals. We work hard to apply our knowledge of sport to bring simple, user friendly solutions to athletes and we're proud to be recognized for our efforts."

For more information on the miCoach offering please visit www.micoach.adidas.com.