• 16-JAN-2018

  • Herzogenaurach

  • SOURCE: adidas

adidas Running launches ‘RUN THE GAME’ campaign featuring The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond

Florencia Galarza
As part of its new ‘RUN THE GAME’ campaign, adidas has launched the AlphaBOUNCE Beyond – a shoe designed to celebrate athletes who use running as a tool to dominate their sport. ‘RUN THE GAME’ reflects the intersection of sport and culture, allowing players to remain in the zone throughout their training programme no matter the location, be it on the track, in the training room, hallway or streets. Through incorporating design elements into the shoe such as engineered mesh and a BOUNCE midsole, athletes are empowered to use running within their training to obtain their competitive edge, giving them the power to ‘RUN THE GAME’. To represent this, a series of personalised artworks, starring US sports stars Landon Collins, Damian Lillard and Florencia Galarza, have been created to demonstrate the importance of running within their specific training programmes, making them the dominant players on the field and court.
The silhouette is aimed at athletes who do not identify themselves as runners, but instead use running as a training tool for their journey to become the best in their game. The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond is a running shoe which gives them a competitive edge, allowing them to play the game at their pace, control its tempo and dominate the game. The two new colourways integrate a mixture of black, white and grey shades which highlight specific areas of the silhouette that were impacted by stress during the testing process.
Andy Barr, Product Category Director for adidas Running, said, “Athletes want to be the best at their specific sport and they understand that running is a key factor in obtaining their goals. adidas have worked with a range of vertical athletes – those who compete in sports such as soccer, football, basketball, baseball, field hockey, tennis and boxing – as well as versatile athletes – those who are cultural leaders in dance and modelling – to develop a running shoe that will give them the edge over their competition, making them the best on the court, field or pitch.”
Incorporating a range of dynamic materials into the fundamental design elements of the AlphaBOUNCE Beyond has allowed adidas to assist sportsmen and -women in their journey to use running in their training to help them become the best at their game, whatever the sport. The use of Aramis technology, which measures the mechanics of the foot during movement, informed the creation of a one-layer, seamless forged mesh upper. This unique upper works as one with the foot thanks to the built-in stretch areas that support the linear and lateral movements required in multidirectional agility training. The shoe combines a dynamic BOUNCE midsole, a responsive foam engineered to integrate an elastic feel to each step, with a Continental outsole, which provides superior grip for athletes training on any surface, from the polished wood of a basketball court to the freshly cut grass of a football field.
‘RUN THE GAME’ will see content rolled out across Social, Digital and Retail channels including a RUN THE GAME film, featuring world-famous athletes, and personalised artworks that highlight the importance of running for every sportsperson’s game. The next chapter of RUN THE GAME will be revealed later in spring 2018.
The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond has a MRRP of € 120 and will be available online from January 17th and in-store worldwide from January 24th. To find out more, please visit: adidas.com/alphabounce
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