• 21-SEP-2015

  • Herzogenaurach, Germany

  • SOURCE: adidas

Create Even More Chaos with X 15 Menace Pack

Miadidas X 4x2 06

The adidas X 15 is the ultimate weapon for the game's most dangerous players. The players who break the rules and cause chaos. The players who change the game with one moment of genius.

The X player fits no structure and obeys no limits. These players now have more scope for chaos than ever before with hundreds of vivid new X 15 customization options in the miadidas Menace Pack. The player known for the spectacular, the bold and the individual can now express this in their boots as well as on the pitch.

The Menace Pack takes the show-stopping graphic of the X 15 and explodes it across the X-SKIN upper for the ultimate show of exhibitionism. The new splatter graphic conveys the speed of turn, lightning quick thought, and unstoppable instinct of the X 15 player.