• 19-JUN-2014

  • SOURCE: adidas

Juan Sebastian Verón talks Messi, Argentina and World Cup at Posto adidas

Juan Sebastian Verón 1
"Messi is already one of the best players in history and that will never change. He doesn't have to win a World Cup to be regarded as the best ever. He's already proven so, and there are many great players who are great players and never won a World Cup. But, it will be incredible to see him win it for Argentina and his team, as well as for his own story."

"We've won our first game which is great, it's important to start the World Cup winning and it will bring a lot of tranquility to the next match. The team also know that a lot more hard work is needed and some improvements are needed. It's very important for there to be a balance between our defense and attack. And the team needs to stay together as they're a collective of many components, with many solutions. I'm confident we'll do well, but remember, in football anything can happen."

"Playing in a World Cup is the best moment in a player's career. The atmosphere, the fans, the organization is incredible. As well being able to play the best football in the World Cup. It's extraordinary how a World Cup brings everyone together, for one month we all talk about football. I am very proud and enjoyed playing in three World Cups."

Although I miss playing in a World Cup, for the first time I'm able to see it from a different perspective and really enjoying my time here in Brazil. I've been able to watch many great games."

"The South American teams have started very well and this is no surprise to me, they already proved themselves and showed their quality in the qualification stages for the tournament. The teams are very strong, many of the players play in very strong leagues and this is their moment. I can see a South American team win the tournament and I hope it's Argentina."