• 18-MAR-2014

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UEFA Champions League Gamedayplus - Mourinho Interview Part 2

Mourinho's Vision For Chelsea

It's the kind of work that I am enjoying, you know? I could choose a different club, a different profile of squads, a different profile of project.

We are trying to build this team for the future - obviously including these older guys because they are important to give some stability and some experience but I can guess this team in a couple of years with these guys below 25, in 2-3 years time they will be between 24 and 27 which is a fantastic age for a high level football player. I think it can be a very good team.

And Winning This Year…

We have to use the competition and the difficulties of the competition to improve, to prepare ourselves for the future, I think. It is the kind of competition when you are in the last 16 you can clearly identify the 3, 4, 5 teams that are favourites for the competition but also depends about the draw and sometimes the draw can make things happen in a different way.

…Chelsea wants to win and I want also to win so we are going to play and to fight and to build the team and to try and do our best this season and try to be stronger and stronger until the cup arrives for the second time.

Breaking UEFA Champions League records

I don't feel pressure, I simply just think that if you never win it you want to win it for the first time, if you win it once you want to win it twice, if you win twice you want to win it three times. I think this is the basic thing of the game. So no pressure, not at all. Nothing has changed in terms of my ambition and my desire.

There are some big guys in the game that have never won it once - I won it twice. I can feel privileged by that.

The Chelsea Love Affair

Sometimes it is difficult to explain, maybe because it was my first experience abroad? Maybe because at the same time I had Chelsea and English football and because English football is something with a lot of appeal and when you like you really like… after that the relation lies with the fans since 2004 - you know, big deep relation we couldn't hide even when I was coaching with other teams so I like it. the club likes me and here I am and happy to lead.