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Mesut Ozil, Ander Herrera and Zinedine Zidane talk UEFA Champions League Final at the opening of THE BASE BERLIN.



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Ufferhallen, Uferstrabe 8. 13357, Berlin, Germany

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Wide of the outside of THE BERLIN BASE Sign BERLIN BASE Inside BERLIN BASE light show Mesut Ozil playing on the pitch Ander Herrera playing on the pitch Wide of the players on the pitch. SOUNDBYTE: Mesut Ozil, Arsenal, (GERMAN LANGUAGE) “For me personally it will be a very interesting game, as both teams are in good shape. Barcelona has a very strong offense and Juventus a very strong defence. We will see who is going to dominate the game and finally win it. I will cross my fingers for both teams. We don’t know who is going to win the game as both teams have world-class players in their ranks. We will see who is going to be better off and who is not.” Mesut Ozil and Ander Herrera pointing at the camera. Close up of Mesut Ozil Photographer Mesut Ozil holding his ACE15 boots Close up of ACE15 boots SOUNDBYTE: Mesut Ozil (GERMAN LANGUAGE) “A modern player needs to be instinctive on the pitch, he must read the game and a playmaker needs definitely a good control with the ball and this is exactly what you have with these new boots. You must see the gaps and play the killer pass. This is what a playmaker needs to do.” Mesut Ozil holding his ACE15 boots Ander Herrera holding X15 Close up Ander Herrera Ander Herrera hanging from the floor Ander Herrera taking selfie Ander Herrera close up SOUNDBYTE: Ander Herrera, Manchester United & Spain U23 (SPANISH LANGUAGE) “If Juventus is in the final it is because of the players and the way they have played. I expect one team with the ball and that is Barcelona. It is very difficult to play against them but Juventus is going to be full contact against them and also a very difficult team to play against.” Zinedine Zidane playing on the pitch Close up Zidane playing Graphic of Zidane face. Zidane having photo taken SOUNDBYTE: Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid & France (FRENCH LANGAUGE) “I am only hoping that we’ll get to see a great final. We see a champion’s league final once a year. What makes me happy is to see Juventus again on the European scene and to see them in the finals. Even if Barcelona is considered the favourite team, one should still watch out for the Italians. Because Juventus is used to play in great finals and during a match, anything can happen.” Wide outside THE BERLIN BASE
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