• 09-DEC-2015

  • SOURCE: African Development Bank

COP 21: The Great Green Wall project

The importance of the Great Green Wall construction, financial issues and what is at stake in Sahel.

Footage include :

- Views of woman looking into 360° glasses.
- General views of African landscapes (arid land, small villages, photos of people planting trees).
- General views of PDT Adesina at COP21.
- General views of the audience (NGOs, organisations and financial partners).
- General views of woman carrying baskets above a river, cleaning close, arid lands, woman watering crops.
- Soundibite of Ibrahim Thiaw, VP – UNEP on agroforestry subsidies , example of Malia.
- General view of village, arid land, man taking care of crops, lake Chas aerial views.
- Soundbite of PDT Adesina on Lake Chad (issues preserving the lake, terrorism issues..)
- General views of population of Sahel, boats.
- Map of the Great Green Wall across Sahel.
- General view of heads of states and governments at le Bourget COP21.


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