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ANCHOR LEAD: Where does your state rank in terms of economic opportunity and where is it heading? Brian Osuch has more on one report that breaks down each state's wealth one by one. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. The newest edition of the Rich States/Poor States report is out, and after reviewing state taxes, regulations, labor policy and other factors, the American Legislative Exchange Council finds one state is quite comfortable at the top of the list. CUT: (Williams) Utah ranks number one, this is the eighth straight year that they have been at the number one spot. So, congratulations once again to the state of Utah. SCRIPT: Williams says one trend has been picking up momentum over the years… CUT: (Williams) We've seen a real trend towards lower taxes in general. Last year we saw fourteen states significantly reduce their taxes. The year before, we saw seventeen states significantly cut their taxes. So, while we're stuck with inaction in Washington D.C., we see the states taking very good positive action towards becoming more competitive. SCRIPT: Williams adds the Rich States, Poor States report paints a good picture of where all fifty states are and where they're heading – including the type of opportunities each will provide taxpayers and those considering a move into their state. To find where your state ranks, go to ALEC.org. That's Newsbreak from ALEC.
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