• 27-JUL-2012

  • SOURCE: Alibaba.com

SMEs Prepare for the Future of Global Trade in Vietnam

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While other export-based frontier markets may be struggling amidst the global economic crisis, the Vietnamese economy is showing remarkable resilience with 4.7% year-on-year growth. Vietnam is quickly becoming a stronghold for Asia's economy and its SMEs will increasingly rely on global trade to shift its focus from a local export driven to a global export driven market with the help of e-commerce. According to economists at a seminar hosted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) last year, e-commerce is expected to generate US$6 billion in 2015.

Today, Alibaba.com hosts the country's first 'Open Sesame' event in Ho Chi Minh City for small and medium-sized Vietnamese businesses. More than 200 supplier and buyer members will be on hand to gain knowledge on how to respond to the needs of their business through sourcing and understanding global buyer patterns responding to Vietnamese products available online. The company believes this is an opportune moment for their Vietnamese members to stay another step ahead of their competition by understanding what changes in global sourcing through e-commerce means to them.


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