• 10-NOV-2015

  • SOURCE: Alizila.com

Broll Handout: Countdown to 11.11

Broll Handout: 

1) Countdown to 11.11 Remote from Alibaba Group Headquarters in Hanghzhou, China.

2) First hour Alibaba 11.11 sales milestones:  $1 billion RMB, $10 billion RMB, $20 billion RMB, $30 billion.

3) Shots of the 11.11 media monitor room at the Water Cube in Beijing.

(Press Release)

Alibaba Group Generated USD 5 Billion in GMV in First 90 Minutes of 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival

Mobile GMV accounted for 72 percent of total GMV in first 90 minutes

BEIJING – November 11, 2015 – Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) announced that USD 5 billion (approximately RMB 31.8 billion) of GMV was settled through Alipay on Alibaba's China and international retail marketplaces in the first 90 minutes of the 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival.

Daniel Zhang, chief executive officer of Alibaba Group said in his opening remarks for the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala, "This year, Alibaba Group has transformed 11.11 into an unprecedented mobile shopping experience. Over the course of the 24-hour shopping marathon, consumers will have a new surprise every hour that has been especially tailored for mobile users. The whole world will witness the power of Chinese consumption this November 11."

In the hours leading up to the official midnight start of the Alibaba Group 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, almost 130 million users visited the Mobile Taobao app, exceeding the peak volume during the 2014 11.11 Shopping Festival.The annual shopping event kicked off today at 12:00a.m. midnight in China. Early highlights include:

• Total GMV settled through Alipay exceeded USD 5 billion (RMB 31.8 billion) in the first 90 minutes, and mobile GMV settled through Alipay accounted for 72% of total GMV;
• Total GMV settled through Alipay was USD 3.9 billion (approximately RMB 24.8 billion) in the first
• Mobile GMV settled through Alipay was USD 2.9 billion (approximately RMB 18.3 billion) in the first hour, which accounted for 73.9% of total GMV, compared to 45.7% of total GMV within the first hour of last year's 11.11 shopping festival; and
• Total number of mobile buyers was more than 27 million in the first hour

.Additional highlights from the Alibaba Group 2015 11.11 Global Shopping Festival include:

• Total GMV settled through Alipay exceeded USD 1 billion (approximately RMB 6.36 billion) within the first eight minutes