• 08-NOV-2013

  • SOURCE: Alizila.com

Stakeholders Gear Up for China's 11.11 Online Shopping Blitz

With only a few days left before Monday's 11.11 Shopping Festival, China's 24-hour online shopping blowout that eclipses Cyber Monday in the U.S., participating merchants, package-delivery companies and event host Tmall.com are scrambling with final preparations to enable them to cope with the looming tsunami of shoppers.

Tmall, China's largest business-to-consumer shopping website, expects 20,000 of its merchants to slash prices up to 50 percent this year, attracting tens of millions of bargain hunters. While Tmall parent company Alibaba Group is declining to estimate what the Nov. 11 festival's sales volume will total this year, company officials have suggested that the value of transactions on Tmall and Taobao Marketplace could top RMB 30 billion ($4.9 billion), up more than 60 percent from the RMB 19.1 billion sold on Nov. 11, 2012.

For merchants, handling a huge spike in customer traffic, processing transactions and delivering the goods is one of the biggest challenges of the year. To get a sense of just how big that challenge can be, Alizila conducted separate Q&A interviews with Brian Lee, chief executive of China handbag distributor Sino Supreme, and Daphne Lee, director of Taobao's International Business.