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B-Roll: Niki de Saint Phalle



00.00 " Niki de Saint Phalle –born in France in 1930-, is considered as the first great feminist art of the XXth Century. She built a complete mithology of women in her sexuality, motherhood, colourfoul, and warriorship conditions. Her "Nanas" –sculptures originally done in paper and resin- are today global icons widely reproduced in all kind of supports. Niki has been classified as a neodadaist, and also in the New Realism, and is acknowledge as an inspiration for pop-arts. Her wors reflect influences from –among others- Pollock, Dubufet and Gaudi, as in this... 00.36" ..."Tarot Garden", a public art installation in Tuscany, Italy. 00.41" The Guggenheim Bilbao Museum offerts the first large scale retrospective dedicated to Niki de Saint Phall in the last two decades, curated by Camille Morineau and Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya, who welcomes us. 00.52" Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya sbite (in English) 01.05" Niki spent a good part of her life in the United States; she is considered a french-american artist. Her series of "shootings" -done in happennings events during which actual gun shots formed painting and matter compositions- show well this duality. 01.20" But also does her long standing compromise with causes as civil rights, fight against racism and, in the 80s, for the understanding of AIDS. 01.31" Alvaro Rodriguez Fominaya sbite (in English) 01.55" Niki de Saint Phalle was an artist who said "I want to have all the privileges of men while keeping those of women, and keep wearing beautiful hats." 02.05" The retrospective in Guggenheim Bilbao Museum displays also part of the photographic and cinema works by Niki, as the film "Daddy", produced in 1970. 02.17" Overall, 50 years of contemporary art top production in one of the must exhibitions in 2015. From the 27th of february to June 11th, at the Guggenheim Bilbao. 02.30" ends
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