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Blockchain discussions



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Marco Alarcón, Chief Blockchain Architect at the Santiago Stock Exchange “If you start right now to just try to understand what blockchain is, you will be late. So and the other problem that we have seen is that it’s too easy to confuse, mistake, cryptocurrency and blockchain. It’s a very common and easy mistake. Cryptocurrency is just a singular case. Blockchain is what enables cryptocurrency and other solutions. We use blockchain as an enabler or new businesses for us.” Guillermo Acuña, co-founder of Cumplo.com “We have to dream - dream big - and start implementing things, failing and realising that blockchain can change how we work. I think blockchain is going to allow us to forget about the bureaucracy and hassles of transactions. And as smart contracts get smarter it’s going to be easier to interact with people and we are going to be able to collaborate on a more human way. When I’m giving you a service and I don’t have to worry about you paying me or collecting the money because we have a smart contract and we agree that once the service is done I get the payment automatically - I can focus on giving you a better service and getting to know you as a human being. So I think it’s going to change how we connect with other people. We’re going to be able to go to a more human way of connecting and collaborating and creating value together - forgetting about all the problems and bureaucracies we have today.” Gabriel Gurovich, Chilean entrepreneur “My expectation is that the blockchain will allow us to take in our own hands the ability to give to a second party in any kind of transaction, real value which is validated by everyone without the mid-dle man - as you said, or the bank or whatever - that will make everything super smooth.” Marco Alarcón, Chief Blockchain Architect at the Santiago Stock Exchange “I think it will be a synergy. That you have blockchain embedded in everything, and that everything will enable blockchain to keep everything running.” Followed by b-roll of blockchain discussion as part of the Allianz Global Explorer Program.
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