Lagarde: Women are Fastest Road to Inclusive Growth



Although the economic benefits of female economic empowerment and the policies that support its advancement are well-known, much remains to be done to deliver on the goal of a meaningful and lasting transformation. The IMF and CNBC sponsored a panel titled “Gender and Macroeconomics: What’s Next?” in Washington, DC Thursday (April 20).
(English) Washington – April 20, 2017 1. Wide panel discussion of gender and macroeconomics 2. Close moderator Sara Eisen of CNBC 3. Wide panel 4. Mid panel (SOUNDBITE STARTS ON MID SHOT) 5. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) MUHTAR KENT, CEO, Coca Cola “Women entrepreneurs in a community strengthen that community. When communities get stronger, our business gets stronger. It’s just a simple algebra that works.” 6. Close Eisen asking a question 7. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Siv Jensen, Minister of Finance, Norway “Norway pioneered the use of gender quotas for corporate boards. There are different opinions on that. But, nevertheless, the legislation passed in 2003. We reached the goal in 2008. So, we now have 40% female representation in publicly listed companies.” 8. Wide panel 9. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General, United Nations “I think you just have to be creative and open up those spaces to be able to find the solutions because you believe the women is an asset and you must invest in her to get the returns. You won’t have the returns without that and I think – practical solution.” 10. Close Eisen asking question 11. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director “90% of countries in the world actually have in their legal system, sometimes in their constitution, provisions that discriminate against women. Now some people say, ‘Story of the past, it’s O.K. the law doesn’t really matter,’ Well, the law actually matters a lot.” 12. Mid Eisen, Mohammed and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde 13. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director “The fastest road to inclusive, diversified, less unequal growth is women.” 14. Close Eisen thanking panelists 15. Wide close of discussion
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