• SOURCE: Thyssen Museum

Miguel Ángel Blanco, artist and curator of the exhibition.



00.00" "This is Indian territory, a sacred land. For the first time in Spain we are going to make an astonishing journey back to the times of the Wild West, guided by the great artists of the nineteenth century that ventured into these virgin lands. "The illusion of the American frontier" conveys a double meaning of mirage and enthusiasm. 00.39" The main reason for organising this exhibition here is that the Thyssen is the only museum in Spain that owns art of this period. In fact, one of the first acquisitions of Baron Thyssen for his collection were the marvellous prints by Karl Bodmer, which have been restored for this exhibition. And he continued collecting art related to the Wild West throughout his life. So this is the perfect museum for an adventure into the Wild West. 01.14" The exhibition is a twilight view of the last moments of the wild scream of liberty of the Native Americans in their prairies. 01.29" ends.
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