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Pass The Baton to Fight Cancer



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ANCHOR LEAD: At a time when governments are cutting funding for medical research, cancer researchers need everyone's help. A new campaign is raising awareness and raising money in the quest to rid the world of cancer. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Health Care Now, I'm Brian Osuch. Every hour, nearly 200 Americans are told they have cancer and the next thing they hope to hear is "you will survive." Siemens, a leader in healthcare technology solutions, is heading an effort called "The Baton Pass" which will raise up to $1 million dollars towards cancer research. The Baton is being passed at events across the country and online to raise desperately needed funding for researchers. Siemens General Counsel & Cancer Survivor, Rose Marie Glazer… CUT: (Glazer) Governments are being much more judicious about where they spend their money and it needs private citizens – including corporate citizens like Siemens to continue that fight against cancer and this is one way to do it. SCRIPT: The Baton includes a GPS tracking system that allows users of the Facebook app to follow its journey during the course of the campaign. Dr. Gregory Sorenson with Siemens… CUT: (Sorenson) We want to convey to people there is hope. There really is an opportunity now to take charge in the battle against cancer. SCRIPT: You can help by going to facebook.com/thebatonpass through September 5th. That's Health Care Now from Siemens.
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