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Rushes - Alternative Fuels - Biodigester



00:00 – 00:24 Loading manure into the biodigester 00:25 – 00:31 Loading Lucerne silage into the biodigester 00:32 – 00:47 Loading waste food into the biodigester 00:47 – 01:00 General drone views of the biogas farm 01:01 – 01:05 Close up of food waste 01:06 – 01:14 Food waste being removed from a natural has powered IVECO New Daily van 01:15 – 01:30 Refueling the methane powered concept tractor on the farm 01:31 – 01:52 Filling the tanker with the liquid digestate, a byproduct of biodigestion, and then spreading it on the fields as a natural fertilizer 01:53 – 02:26 Manure spreader being filled with the solid digestate, a byproducts of biodigestion, being driven to the field by the tractor and then spread as a natural fertilizer 02:27 – 02:31 Lucerne silage being tipped into the silage clamp 02:32 – 02:51 New Holland wheel loader being used to compact the silage and distribute it in the clamp
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