Ski Jumping



Edited Package
When jumping from great heights, every¬thing has to come together perfectly for the competitor. At PyeongChang 2018, OMEGA will be able to provide valuable competition-relevant data for athletes and will allow spectators to zone right in on the finest details. "In-run" speed will be one of the primary factors that might interest viewers, and this can now be displayed for each jump. Then, as they hit the jump, the display can change to show the “take-off” speed measurement. “At 20m” of their jump, a mid-air speed can be shown, while also highlighting how much faster, similar or slower it is compared to their “take-off” speed. Finally, a “landing speed” will be instantly calculated and displayed. These measurements will all disappear seconds later, or when the distance measurement becomes available. A virtual line will also be displayed across the landing zone during live coverage to show the current distance to beat.
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