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Agreeing to Disagree



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ANCHOR LEAD: It's no secret, parents and teenagers rarely agree on anything! And according to a new national poll, when it comes to their outlook on higher education and the financial future – they're still not seeing eye-to-eye. Brian Osuch has more. (: 56) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. New data from the 18th Allstate - National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll found American adults overwhelmingly believe childhood was better for earlier generations, and that it was also better to be a parent when they were growing up. Allstate's Sanjay Gupta. CUT: (Gupta) While there's a sense of pessimism in this poll, the younger generation feels a sense of optimism about the future. And that gives us hope for the enduring American dream. SCRIPT: Gupta says these results indicate there's a lack of clear direction for many Americans when it comes to the country and economy. CUT: (Gupta) I think there's no question that we have to find ways invest in education. Education has been proven to be a strong factor in not only helping children succeed, but quite frankly it's the ticket to middle class. SCRIPT: To see the full results of the Heartland Monitor poll go to The-Heartland-Voice-dot-com-slash-Categories-slash-Insights. That's Newsbreak from Allstate. I'm Brian Osuch.
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