• 06-MAY-2015

  • SOURCE: American Heart Association

American Heart Association Teams Up with Actor Lamman Rucker to Share Tips for Preventing Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure Causing More Deaths Despite Drop InHeart Disease and Stroke Deaths

According to new statistics from the American Heart Association, fewer Americans are dying from heart disease and stroke, but deaths caused by high blood pressure are on the rise. African-Americans are at a disproportionately higher risk - the prevalence of high blood pressure among African Americans is among the highest in the world, with nearly half of African-American adults in the U.S. affected.

With a family history of heart disease, actor Lamman Rucker saw first-hand how high blood pressure affected his grandparents and other relatives, causing hospitalizations and in some cases, death. Seeing what they went through helped him make a very conscious decision to make healthier choices.

Today, Rucker is working with the American Heart Association to raise awareness about the importance of managing blood pressure, one of the most common risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Lamman will be available for interviews on Monday, May 4, 2015 to discuss the importance of managing and preventing high blood pressure including how to:
-Find and maintain a healthy blood pressure range.
-Improve blood pressure control through a healthy diet and regular exercise.
-Prevent the onset or worsening of high blood pressure.