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Hidden Heart Risks For Cold & Flu Season



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ANCHOR LEAD: Did you know there are hidden heart risks when taking some over-the-counter prescription medications? Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Healthcare Now, I’m Brian Osuch. Many people aren’t aware that common over-the-counter medicines, like decongestants, can increase blood pressure or put you at risk for other health conditions. Dr. Willie Lawrence with the American Heart Association. CUT: (Lawrence) Hypertension kills a lot more people than coronary artery disease and it’s undertreated; and during this time of flu and cold season it can particularly manifest itself and it’s important that people know whether they have hypertension since some of the medications that we use to treat our colds can also impact your blood pressure. SCRIPT: The 2014 AHA Scientific Conference highlighted the importance of community outreach when it comes to preventing and controlling hypertension. CUT: (Lawrence) We can really impact people’s risk factors through community-based programs. These engagements with the community, meeting people where they are, are an effective mechanism for improving blood pressure control, especially in patients at high risk. SCRIPT: For more information visit heart.gov/HBP. That’s Healthcare Now from the American Heart Association.
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