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High Blood Pressure Causing More Deaths Despite Drop In Heart Disease And Stroke Deaths



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ANCHOR LEAD: One in three Americans have high blood pressure and half of them don’t have it under control. Even without symptoms, high blood pressure can still damage your heart and brain. Brian Osuch finds out what you can do to live healthier. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I’m Brian Osuch. New statistics from the American Heart Association find fewer Americans are dying from heart disease and stroke, but deaths caused by high blood pressure are on the rise. Actor, Lamman Rucker saw this first-hand… CUT: (Rucker) I’ve had a number of relatives suffer from, be diagnosed with and even die from heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. SCRIPT: Rucker has teamed up with the AHA to help raise awareness about the importance of managing your blood pressure… CUT: (Rucker) Get your blood pressure checked regularly and when you know that you’re in a healthy range, you know you’re in good shape. If you’re outside of that range, there’s some changes that you need to make. SCRIPT: And there are simple changes that can help… CUT: (Rucker) Live a healthier lifestyle, eat fresh foods and fruits and vegetables, simple changes like decreasing your salt intake and sugar. And get out and be active, exercise more and also just lowering your stress. SCRIPT: For more information, go to Heart.org/bloodpressure or follow the AHA on social media at @American_Heart. That’s Lifestyles from the American Heart Association.
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