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Slip Slidin' Away



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ANCHOR LEAD: Fun in the summer sun sometimes results in kids forgetting some of the lessons they've learned while in school. But, there are simple things parents can do to keep their children engaged while on summer vacation. Brian Osuch has more. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. The "summer slide." No, it's not a ride at the amusement park, it's the loss of academic knowledge and skills gained during the school year that many kids experience during summer vacation. So what's a parent to do? Ashley Norris is an Assistant Dean for the College of Education at University of Phoenix. Ashley, do you have any suggestions for parents on preventing the "summer slide?" CUT: (Norris) My first tip has to do with incorporating your child into everyday activities. So, you're a parent that works and you come home and you want to spend time with your child. Make a learning opportunity out of teaching your kid how to cook. You may go through the lesson, measurements, fractions, math abilities. And that's an everyday activity as well. SCRIPT: Any other tips? CUT: (Norris) Have your child go on a hike. Take pictures of different types of bugs. There are over 150-million species. And they can come home and create a digital presentation on these different bugs and research them on the Internet. SCRIPT: For more ideas to keep your child's mind active while school's out, visit University of Phoenix on Facebook or at Phoenix-dot-edu. That's Lifestyles from University of Phoenix.
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