• 07-SEP-2012

  • SOURCE: Apollo Group, Inc.

Back-to-School Can Sometimes Mean "Back-to-Being Bullied"

University of Phoenix College Chair, Faculty and Child Therapist, Julie Schaefer-Space, on the Dangers, Warning Signs and the Best Ways to Support a Child Who is Bullied

A child is bullied every seven minutes in our country and an estimated 77% of students are bullied mentally or physically, at some point during their school years.* This problem is not just limited to the classroom or playground. Today, it is going online as nearly 42% of all students have been bullied in the past, either through social media sites, or through texting and email.*

Back-to-school time can be stressful for children, especially if they have been victims of bullying in the past. Julie Schaefer-Space, University of Phoenix College Chair, and expert on bullying, talks about how the proliferation of technology has made this a 24/7 challenge.

Available content includes soundbites from Julie Schaefer-Space.

* Youth Ambassadors 4 Kids Club.


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