• 28-SEP-2012

  • SOURCE: Apollo Group, Inc.

Homework Survival Guide for Parents!

At about 4 p.m. each day, the frustrated sighs of parents everywhere signal that the daily homework tug-of-war has begun. What parent hasn't wondered, "Why can't my children just sit down and get it done?" Or, "How can I help them, if I don't remember how to do this?"

While getting past the homework hurdles can be tricky, it is absolutely worth the effort, according to Dr. Ashley Norris, University of Phoenix College of Education Assistant Dean. Homework doesn't only help children learn the required materials; it helps build lifelong skills, such as independence, confidence, responsibility, focus and organization.

In this interview, Norris can not only talk about the myriad benefits of homework, but can also help parents and their kids survive the struggle! Her tips can help parents avoid feeling overwhelmed by the amount and content of their children's homework.