• 13-DEC-2012

  • SOURCE: Ask.com

What is the Date of the iPhone 5 Release? What Does "Gangnam Style" Mean? Will Rob and Kristen get back together?

Ask.com's Trend Expert Reveals the Year's Most Asked Questions in Pop Culture, Celebrity and Political News

It's that time of year again – when we reminisce about the last twelve months and eagerly anticipate the year ahead. As we flip another page on the calendar, it's time for a glance back at the year's top headlines, searches and trending topics.

Ask.com's consumer trend expert, Valerie Combs, gives the low down on the year that was and the top questions searched in news, entertainment and politics. Questions including:

– What is the damage from Hurricane Sandy?
– Did Lance Armstrong take drugs?
– When will the iPhone 5 be released?
– Was Tom and Katie's marriage fake?

Want to know if the Northeast cared more about Katie or Kristen? Or which headlines most stuck in the minds of the Midwest? Valerie talks celebrity breakups and political shakeups, and shares the top online searches and trending topics in your region. She also talks about which stories Americans felt most impacted by, and what they think about the people they searched for most.

Available content includes soundbites from Valerie Combs, and B-roll.