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Campaign Helps Women During Their Metastatic Breast Cancer Journey



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ANCHOR LEAD: There is a way for women to support and empower each other during their metastatic breast cancer journey. Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. October 13th marked the fifth anniversary of metastatic breast cancer awareness day in the United States. Continued efforts are being made to highlight the experiences of women who are living with this advanced form of breast cancer each day. One ongoing campaign, launched in September, encourages women with metastatic breast cancer to raise awareness and share inspiration by uploading photos of themselves on twitter using the hashtag M-B-C-Strength. Patient Advocate Jewel Crawford Ajibade, who is living with the disease, uses the M-B-C-Strength Campaign to help others during their metastatic breast cancer journeys by sharing her photos and personal story. CUT: (Jewel) People wonder what life with metastatic breast cancer is like. It's different for every one of us. For me, learning about unique experiences from other women is motivating, so I'm sharing my story to build that connection with others. SCRIPT: For information on the M-B-C-Strength campaign and to learn about metastatic breast cancer, visit MyMBCStory.com a site developed by AstraZeneca. That's Newsbreak from AstraZeneca.
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