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Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer



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ANCHOR LEAD: Do you know someone with metastatic breast cancer? Now, there's a new website offering information for those wanting to learn more about the disease. Brian Osuch has the story. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. Being diagnosed with cancer is a scary experience, and trying to understand what's contributing to your cancer's growth can be particularly overwhelming. For the approximately 175,000 American women living with metastatic breast cancer or M-B-C, it's critical to learn how the tumor's hormone receptor status may impact the progression of the disease. Knowing this information can create an opportunity for those living with the disease to more actively manage it. Life beyond pink dot com is a new website that features tailored educational information for those living with M-B-C. Maryanne Dicanto reflects on how understanding the impact her tumor's hormone receptor status can have on her M-B-C allows her to more actively manage her disease. CUT: (Dicanto)
Knowing my tumor's hormone receptor status helped me better understand metastatic breast cancer and what is driving this specific type I have. This has allowed me to have more in-depth conversations with my healthcare team to help determine the best options for my care. SCRIPT: To learn more about metastatic breast cancer and how hormone receptor status can impact the disease visit life beyond pink dot com, a site developed by AstraZeneca.
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