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Be Prepared Before The Storm Strikes



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ANCHOR LEAD: Tornadoes usually last just a few minutes, but can leave behind incredible damage. Although the Plains and Southern portion of the country are often the hardest hit, nearly every state is at risk. Brian Osuch has more on how you can be prepared before the storm strikes. (:60) SCRIPT: Newsbreak, I'm Brian Osuch. With an average of one-thousand tornadoes each year, the U.S. has the highest number of tornado occurrences in the world. That's why OnStar's Mary Ann Adams says it's so important to be prepared. CUT: (Adams) Sign up for severe weather alerts from your mobile phone. And make a plan and know the safest place to go should a tornado approach. And, OnStar's Crisis Assist service also helps subscribers during emergencies like tornados. Remember, with just a push of the OnStar button, Advisors are available 24/7 with weather updates, evacuation routing and dispatching emergency services. SCRIPT: Tornadoes develop quickly and there's often little time to react. That's why OnStar fosters relationships with safety officials across the country. CUT: (Adams) OnStar works with over six-thousand 9-1-1 centers. This helps our specially trained Advisors connect subscribers to their local emergency responders, while pinpointing their exact location by using our GPS satellite technology. SCRIPT: For more, log onto OnStar.com and visit Ready.gov. That's Newsbreak from OnStar.
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