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Hi-Tech Auto Advancements Revealed at CES 2016



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ANCHOR LEAD: The year's biggest tech show has arrived in Las Vegas and while new technology in virtual reality and streaming are highly anticipated, the automotive industry is making a big splash. Brian Osuch has more on what to expect in auto tech from the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show: (:60) SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. CES 2016 has seen a hefty 25% increase in auto tech companies from the previous year. With more on top CES auto tech trends, Kelly Blue Book's Micah Muzio: CUT: (Muzio) The big tech trend at this year's CES has to be self-driving cars. We've already seen bits and pieces of that technology in production vehicles already. It's the future, it's just a matter of how far out that future is going to be. I think it's closer than you'd imagine. SCRIPT: Autotrader's Brian Moody shares consumers' attitudes toward these growing technologies with results from their Car Tech Impact Study… CUT: (Moody) 70% of the consumers we surveyed said they'd be likely to consider a car with some autonomous features like parking assist or collision avoidance. But at the same time a great number of those people also said they were concerned about the safety of an autonomous car so people want the technology but they're fearful of things they don't understand. SCRIPT: For more, visit kbb.com or autotrader.com. That's Technology Now from Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.
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