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Putting New-Car Tech in Your Old-Tech Car



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ANCHOR LEAD: Most vehicles on our roads are more than 11-years-old. So, even though in-vehicle technology is now better than ever, most U.S. drivers aren't yet enjoying the latest tech in their cars. But, that can be easily fixed… Brian Osuch has the details. (:60) SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. Just because you don't have a new car, that doesn't mean you can't have the latest in-vehicle technology. Suzanne Kantra is founder and editor-in-chief of Techlicious.com. She says you can have all the latest technology installed and why not start with systems that help with distracted driving… CUT: (Kantra) We have a rear backup camera. The wide-angle camera view will appear in your rearview mirrors… so you can see if there's a child darting behind your car. Or, it will also help you with those parallel parking situations. We also have a lane departure warning system. This will give you that jolt and say, "Hey, you're drifting out of your lane." There will be an auditory warning. SCRIPT: Kantra says car envy is a thing of the past and there are some new systems that have technology you can't even get in a new car… CUT: (Kantra) Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, you can get those in in-dash systems. So, you can speak to your vehicle and say, "Hey, call mom." And by having that voice integration into there, you can have a truly handsfree driving experience. SCRIPT: For more information, visit the Consumer Electronics Association at CE.org/ConnectMyCar. That's Technology Now from the CEA.
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