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Top Tech Picks for Mature Drivers



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ANCHOR LEAD: Today's automotive technology goes far beyond advanced navigation systems and improved airbags. Brian Osuch has more on how new features are impacting drivers ages 50 plus. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. New car features are revolutionizing the way we drive. A Hartford and MIT AgeLab study looked at which technologies mature drivers say would make them feel safe. Jodi Olshevski is a gerontologist and Executive Director of The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence. CUT: (Olshevski) Vehicle technology can be a really important part of empowering drivers to take personal responsibility for maintaining safe driving skills over a lifetime. While it's true that technology can't really replace safe driving skills, these new features can enhance safety, comfort and also improve confidence behind the wheel. SCRIPT: Blind spot warning systems topped the list. Director of MIT's AgeLab, Joseph Coughlin says this technology warns drivers of objects in their blind spots and can assist with parking and changing lanes, which can really strengthen the driving experience. CUT: (Coughlin) Vehicle technology has a lot of promise for older drivers. More and more drivers will encounter these technologies in their car so it's important for drivers to learn about these technologies and to get comfortable using them. SCRIPT: For more go to The-Hartford-dot-com-slash-lifetime. That's Lifestyles from The Hartford.
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