• SOURCE: Volvo Ocean Race

17 Dec Turn the Tide on Plastic Out of Control



Shoot Date

17 Dec 2017

Shoot Location

Leg 3, Spain

Francesca Clapcich (ITA) exits to start her watch when suddenly a wave hits and her life jacket deploys because of the amount of water that washed over, footage of them rounding up into the wind out of control, Dee Caffari gives her account of what a "Chinese Gybe" is, footage of two accounts loosing control downwind. Liz Wardley recalls when Lucas Chapman lost control while steering and water swamped the boat inside.
00:00 - 00:41 - Francesca Clapcich exits the hatch, hit by wave, jacket deploys 00:41 - 00:58 - Rear Camera view loosing control and rounding up into the wind 00:58 - 02:03 - Dee Caffari IV about a chinese gybe and what it is // FOOTAGE OF IT HAPPENING 02:03 - 02:54 - Liz Wardley IV about Lucas Chapman loosing control and water getting in the hatch // FOOTAGE OF IT HAPPENING
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