• 18-MAR-2015

  • SOURCE: Bausch + Lomb

The Digital Era Is Stealing Our Blinks: People May Blink 66 Percent Less As a Result of Screen Time Overload

Host of GeekBeat.TV, Cali Lewis and Dr. Linda Fain Hatton Talk about the Latest Contact Lens Technology Live from SXSW

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film + Interactive Festival is a celebration of the 24/7 screen-centric world in which we live — dominated by the latest "must have" devices and apps. The constant reliance on digital devices may cause a 66 percent reduction in blinking1,2,3 for avid contact lens-wearing screen viewers. As a result, they could experience dry and uncomfortable lenses4 after a long day of viewing the newest mobile and digital technology at SXSW.

Cali Lewis, host of GeekBeat.TV, and eye care practitioner, Linda Fain Hatton, O.D., were at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival. Cali where they shared results from a new survey examining our technology upgrade habits, in addition to offering her tips for navigating the emerging trends coming out of the festival. In addition, Dr. Hatton helped address the latest contact lens technologies that may result in an upgrade to the visual experience.

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