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Comfort Your Heart!



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ANCHOR LEAD: When the weather outside is frightful, we crave comfort foods that are delightful. But sometimes they aren't always the healthiest to eat. Brian Osuch finds out there is a way to have your comfort food and make it healthier too! (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. In order to provide comfort foods that are both hearty and healthy, Registered Dietician and Author Dawn Jackson Blatner developed the "Comfort Your Heart" Recipe Collection. It includes six recipes that are low in saturated fat, less than 500 calories per serving and most importantly, heart-healthy. Dawn, how do these recipes reflect common views about nutrition today? CUT: (Blatner) It's old fashioned to think about eating less fat and eating less cholesterol and eating less salt. The new way to think about it is adding the good stuff. More whole grains, plant proteins, lots of produce and making sure you have heart-smart fats in the diet like canola oil. SCRIPT: How can simple ingredient changes make comfort foods heart-healthy? CUT: (Blatner) Swap out your unhealthy fats for healthier options. So taking butter into something heart-smart like canola oil. And then think about your cooking technique. Something like bake-frying, where you bread your food, mist it with canola oil and pop it in a hot oven so it's crispy but yet so good for you. SCRIPT: For more heart-healthy recipes, visit Canola-Info-dot-org. That's Lifestyles from CanolaInfo.
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