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The Importance of Adult Vaccination



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ANCHOR LEAD: Did you know the protection from some of the vaccines you received as a child can wear off over time? Brian Osuch has details on new immunization data released by the Center for Disease Control. (:60) SCRIPT: Health Care Now, I’m Brian Osuch. Adults throughout the U.S. are at risk for serious diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. However, according to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, adult vaccination rates remain low. Dr. Carolyn Bridges with the CDC explains… CUT: (Bridges) There are really two main reasons why adult vaccination rates are low. The most common is that adults just are not aware of which vaccines they need. The second is vaccines are not incorporated to adult clinical practice like they are for pediatrics. So, we really want to encourage medical providers and pharmacists to more routinely talk with their patients about which vaccines they may need. SCRIPT: Dr. Bridges says the more you know, the better you can protect yourself and others. CUT: (Bridges) Getting vaccinated is the best way not only to protect yourself, but it also decreases your chances of passing on one of these illnesses to somebody else. SCRIPT: Go to cdc.gov/vaccines/adults to find out which vaccines you may need. That’s Health Care Now from the CDC.
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