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Kids Win Just By Playing The Game



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ANCHOR LEAD: We've all heard it's not whether your win or lose… it's how you play the game. Brian Osuch finds out how youth sports not only keeps kids active, but also teaches them important life skills. (:60). SCRIPT: Whether it's in the swimming pool, basketball court or ice hockey rink, youth sports are the ultimate classroom. Leading nutrition and fitness coach, Dr. Rovenia Brock, or "Dr. Ro," is also a member of the Play Council for Active Family Project and says sports help children develop positive character traits and life values. CUT: (Dr. Ro) Youth sports help kids develop social skills through teamwork, by respecting each other's abilities, contributions and opinions. Playing sports also helps our children develop positive attitudes, how to bond with coaches or mentors and the importance of playing by the rules. SCRIPT: And, families play an important part in youth sports. According to a national survey by Active Family Project, 98% of moms say their entire family has participated in their child's youth sport – including going to games, practices, or playing for fun at home. CUT: (Dr. Ro) Never underestimate the influence you have on your child's sporting experience. Active Family Project has resources with tips, tools, expert advice and fun activity ideas that help everyone get involved and enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle together. SCRIPT: For more, go to Facebook.com/activefamilyproject. That's Lifestyles from Active Family Project.
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