• 30-JUL-2014

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

<i>AFS Connect 2.0 for Increased Efficiency in Agricultural Ma-chinery</i>

With the new AFS Connect telematics solution, Case IH now offers an innovative system for all Case IH tractors and combine harvesters. Key machine data is continuously transferred to customer PCs via the Internet. This gives contractors and farmers constant access to all the machine data for their fleet, even when the machines are in use, thereby allowing for numerous new applications in the fields of machine monitoring, fleet management, service and commercial analysis. The new AFS Connect telematics system can be used to optimise processes, such as harvesting chains, and to increase machine efficiency.

The AFS Connect telematics system continuously collects, processes and transmits the machine data to a dedicated web portal. This data can then be retrieved via an Internet connection from a computer or mobile device, such as a Smartphone or tablet PC. This gives farmers and contractors constant access to key machine data. The vehicle can be monitored at any time on a map display. Geo-fencing and curfew functions are also available. These functions use continuous motion detec- tion to allow you to monitor the location and time of the operation. A virtual restricted zone can be created for machines on request. With the AFS Connect telematics system, it is easier than ever to schedule maintenance work. Alerts can also be issued when maintenance work is due, for example.