• 25-JAN-2016

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

Eastern European Power Partners

Case IH and Titan Machinery @ Agritechnica 2015
Case IH and Titan Machinery harvest the success of their powerful partnership in Eastern Europe.
Back in 2012, Titan Machinery expanded their North American footprint and branched out into Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria & Ukraine. Blending their proven North American 'Titan Operating Model' with the diverse Eastern European cultures brought about some challenges, but differences were embraced, solutions found and the result is an even stronger more customer focused organisation which is delivering great support to the farming community.

At Agritechnica 2015 this strategic partnership was further strengthened when Andreas Klauser, President of Case IH and Harald Boitllehner, Business Director for Eastern Europe, Balkans & Ukraine met with Christian Mitterdorfer, Managing Director Titan Machinery Europe.

Passionate and dedicated teams have always been active on the ground in the markets yet Titan made a strategic move which enables them to concentrate on customers' needs even more. They created a European Operations Centre (EOC) to manage shared resources such as administration, purchasing, legal, human resources, accounting, finance and IT. Andreas Klauser added "This centralised strategy takes much of the heavy admin tasks out of the markets and enables the employees to focus exclusively on customers, yet with the best back office support possible, which is what Case IH is all about".