• 11-JAN-2013

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

Gerard de Rooy Wins Dakar 6th Special Stage - Iveco First General Standings

Dakar Stage 6th
Gerard de Rooy won his 4th stage victory in the truck segment of the 6th stage of the current Dakar. The title holder was consistently chased throughout the stage by the competing Kamaz trucks. Nikolaev lies 18'40'' behind in the general standings, whilst Mardeev trails de Rooy by 30'32''.

Stage 6 saw De Rooy's teammates experience major problems. Hans Stacey, who was yesterday's quickest driver in the truck category, lost a considerable amount of time after rolling his truck over, front forwards. Although Stacey managed to get his truck back on track with the help of teammate René Kuipers, a lead in the race is now far from his reach. Available content includes still images.