• 23-FEB-2015

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

New Holland Agriculture Launches Upgraded T8 Tractor Range: powerful performance and fuel efficiency

T8.435 SmartTrax™ 14 005

New Holland Agriculture has upgraded the T8 Series with its ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR technology for compliance with Tier 4B emissions standards. The entire range is more powerful than its predecessor and has maintained its excellent fuel efficiency. The upgrade also introduces a host of improvements to the operator's comfort and convenience with enhancements for machine setting and maintenance.

"The T8 Series is the most powerful conventional tractor in the world," stated Luca Mainardi, Head of Tractor and Precision Land Management Product Management, "and with the ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR technology their performance has improved even further. Our longsighted approach to emissions standards, adopting at an early stage SCR for our machines above 120 hp, is delivering great advantages for our customers and it has proved to be the right choice, as this technology is now accepted as the industry standard for high horsepower equipment."