• 08-AUG-2015

  • SOURCE: CNH Industrial

New RB150 baler Helps Increase throughput for Scottish Contractor

RB150 New Holland

· RB150 improving productivity and saving time baling

· Latest baler from New Holland helping Sandy Munro complete 118 bales per hour

· Advanced roll belt technology improving capacity by up to 20 per cent and density by up to five per cent

Within weeks of acquiring an RB150 New Holland baler, Scottish agricultural contractor Sandy Munro is convinced that his work-rate has increased significantly. Sandy Munro runs a family business which specialises in round baling silage, hay and straw as well as grass reseeding.

From mid-June to mid-September Sandy will bale hay, straw and silage across nearly 1,500 acres of land in the north of Scotland and west coast of Scotland including the western isles. This will amount to 4,000 bales of silage, 3,000 bales of hay and 2,000 bales of straw.

In order to get through this high workload, Sandy needs a reliable, efficient baler that can complete his jobs with minimal hassle and disruption. Despite only having the RB150 baler for three to four weeks, Sandy is already impressed with how the machine is performing.

Sandy says: "With the RB150 I completed 118 bales in one hour without pushing the machine too hard, so straight away I was really impressed. This was an improvement on previous balers which were completing around 108 to 112 in the hour."

The new RB150 balers have advanced roll belt technology that can improve capacity by up to 20 per cent and density by up to five per cent. This allows farmers and contractors, such as Sandy, to work fields faster and be more efficient.