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The ABCs of BBQs from Memorial Day to Labor Day



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ANCHOR LEAD: The summer season brings barbecues and beach balls! Whether you're the one manning the grill or just enjoying the food and drinks, Brian Osuch finds out some ways to keep the calories under control. (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Fifty percent of grill owners fire up on summer holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day. But, there's also plenty of grilling going on throughout the entire summer season. That's why Registered Dietitian Robyn Flipse says it's a good idea to balance food choices when planning your menu and filling your plate. CUT: (Flipse) To get the party started, make sure you have plenty of in-season fruits and veggies on hand as well as lean meats, fish and chicken you can grill with flavorful marinades. SCRIPT: Flipse recommends keeping portion sizes under control. Because by practicing moderation, there's room to enjoy everything. CUT: (Flipse) Whether you're bringing your favorite 7-layered dip or delicious dessert, make sure you include a serving utensil that promotes practical portions. And when hosting, supply sensibly-sized plates and cups and offer a variety of refreshing beverages, like the 7.5 ounce 90-calorie Coca-Cola mini cans to encourage portion-control. And don't forget to recycle! SCRIPT: That's Lifestyles with Robyn Flipse, consultant for The Coca-Cola Company.
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