• 30-MAR-2015

  • SOURCE: Colgate-Palmolive

The Spring Health Checklist: Five Steps You Should be Taking Now

Dr. Nancy Simpkins and Dr. Aliza Lifshitz Share Tips to a Healthier Start to the New Season

Before you let your health take a backseat to busy schedules and fun in the sun, talk to Dr. Nancy Simpkins and Dr. Aliza Lifshitz about creating a Spring Health Checklist. In interviews on March 27th, she'll discuss how small preventive measures can have a big impact on your overall health. She'll also share the five steps you should be taking now to ensure good health all year round, as well as what aspects of a healthy lifestyle people often overlook.

Suggested Questions:
• Why is spring the perfect time to refresh your wellness routine?
• How can viewers create a Spring Health Checklist? What are the five steps we should be taking now?
• How can taking small preventive measures improve your overall health?
• What aspects of a healthy lifestyle are the most overlooked?
• Where can we go for more information?