• 07-FEB-2013

  • SOURCE: Cone, Inc.

Celebrity Chef and Cook Yourself Sexy Author, Candice Kumai, on Carving Out a Little "Me" Time and Cooking up a Little "We" Time

She's already shown us how to cook ourselves thin and sexy; now celebrity chef Candice Kumai is dishing on her favorite ways to indulge, big and small.

From sneaking away for a warm cup of cocoa, to whipping up a sinful dessert for two; the busy chef, author and Iron Chef America judge knows the importance of taking a little "me"- and "we" time. She shares simple ways to add a little decadence to your day, including ways to jazz up a simple snack and tips on how to unwind with your Valentine. She gives tips to creating anytime indulgences that will satisfy, without ruining resolutions. And with Valentine's Day around the corner, she also talks about how to cook up a sexy meal worth sharing.

Available content includes soundbites from Candice Kumai.


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