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Become A Lean, Green, Socially Responsible Machine



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ANCHOR LEAD: Americans love their gadgets, new technology and going green, in fact, when it comes to buying new electronics, energy consumption is the third-most important factor. Brian Osuch finds out new ways to live green, buy green and recycle responsibly. (:60) SCRIPT: Technology Now, I'm Brian Osuch. Consumers are increasingly looking for electronics that will be greener, more environmentally friendly and have a positive social impact. Jim Barry, the Consumer Electronics Association's tech expert says new energy systems are helping homeowners do just that… CUT: (Barry) The Iris System from Lowes. You can buy it as modules starting under two-hundred bucks – smart thermostats, plugs, keypad and controllers, even something to control when you're watering your lawn. You also have the Ecovent, this is a smart vent for your heating and cooling system run from an app on your phone. The great thing about this one, it runs each room separately. SCRIPT: And how about new products for when you're on the go… CUT: (Barry) There's a great new laptop, the Spectre from HP, there's a touch screen, it's energy star rated and all the other good ratings that you can get from environmentally friendly products. SCRIPT: Recycling responsibly is also quite popular. Barry says you can visit greenergadgets.org to find a recycling center in your community. That's Technology Now from the Consumer Electronics Association.
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