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Giving Your Old Jeans A New Leg Up



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ANCHOR LEAD: Just because your skinny, boot cut, flared, and wide leg jeans might be old or out of style doesn't mean they can't still keep people warm. T.K. Anderson has more on how your battered blues can go green! (: 60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm T.K. Anderson. Tens of thousands of old or out of style jeans are discarded each year with many ending up in landfills. But Actress and spokesperson for Cotton Incorporated's "The Fabric of Our Lives" campaign Hayden Panettiere says your old dungarees can serve another purpose. CUT: (Panettiere) Blue Jeans Go Green is an amazing campaign where people can donate their old jeans and it gets given to Habitat for Humanity and turned into wall insulation; instead of toxic fiber glass you can go green and put your recycled jeans in your walls. SCRIPT: Panettiere says for the final push, Cotton Incorporated has enlisted some help with the The Great Denim Challenge – Celebrity Denim Auction. CUT: (Panettiere) They're about to reach one million pairs donated so they have twelve celebrities that have signed pairs of jeans and people can bid for these jeans but instead of bidding with money, the denim is actually the currency. SCRIPT: To help the campaign reach its one million pair goal and a chance to win a pair of celebrity signed jeans by bidding with your own old denim, go to Blue-Jeans-Go-Green-dot-org. You can bid until November 3rd. That's Lifestyles from Cotton Incorporated.
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