• 28-JUN-2013

  • SOURCE: DoubleTree by Hilton

Learn How to "Go Beyond the Guidebook" and Add Adventure to Any Trip

"Travel Junkie" Julia Dimon may be just a wee bit more adventuresome than your average travel journalist. In fact, as host of National Geographic Adventure's Word Travels and MSNBC's Destination Getaway, Dimon has hiked with mountain gorillas in Uganda, gone 'radioactive' in Chernobyl, been 'tortured' in a Latvian prison, and has willingly eaten live scorpions, bugs and slugs all across the globe!

Julia shares her personal tips for modern-day globe trekking, including becoming more informed about your destination and dominating your fear. Working in partnership with DoubleTree by Hilton's new social-driven, travel-planning YouTube channel called DTour, she gives advice for planning a unique experience that goes beyond the guidebook, using social media to get ideas, connect with other travelers and share your experiences, plus tips on how to save while booking those trips during peak travel season.

So whether you're ready to backpack through the rainforest or just want to spice up your summer vacation, Julia talks about creating a more adventurous experience – regardless of where you're going. And if the idea of ditching your blow dryer or sharing bathrooms makes you cringe, get her favorite ways to be more adventurous without sacrificing comfort or cramping your style.

Available content includes soundbites from Julia Dimon.