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Happy Handmade Holidays!



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ANCHOR LEAD: Some say the best gifts come from the heart. But, these two do-it-yourself mavens know the most creative gifts are put together with your hands. Brian Osuch finds out how to have a happy handmade holiday! (:60) SCRIPT: Lifestyles, I'm Brian Osuch. Do-it-yourself gifting is becoming more popular among the Pinterest and Instagram crowd. And the Co-Authors of the crafting blog A-Beautiful-Mess-dot-com, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman say this holiday season is a great time to get creative. Emma Chapman… CUT: (Chapman) Create your own wood transfer, so you can print off any photo that you have or you've taken. You can use adhesives and add it to any piece of untreated wood. SCRIPT: Larson says her creativity is endless thanks in part to using printers like the Canon PIXMA MG7120 that has cloud technology and a variety of features that bring photos to life. CUT: (Larson) You print a photo, it can be of your pet or someone from your family, a funny photo, you adhere it to foam board and you use a clock kit that you can get at any craft store to put it together. SCRIPT: Any tips from these master crafters? CUT: (Larson) Experimenting with different supplies is really important. So, we used photo transfer paper, we printed our photo and adhered it to the foam board and then with the wood. SCRIPT: For crafting tips, visit the Canon Crafting Corner at USA-dot-Canon-dot-com-backslash-crafting. That's Lifestyles form Canon.
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